Assisted Living and Nursing Home Care in Covington, KY

Age is a certainty for all of us. Many of us will also assume the role of caregiver for someone else who is elderly. For that reason, it’s important to know the basic differences between assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Covington, Kentucky.

What Is An Assisted Living Facility?
Assisted living facilities are group living facilities that provide additional levels of care for seniors, or for people who are recovering from long-term illness. Assisted living facilities vary in scope and size. State regulations for assisted living facilities vary based on the state. In some states, the regulations are very lenient. See Ivy Knoll in Covington for more information.

nursing homes covington KYMost Covington, KY assisted living facilities offer several different types of help for seniors. These include assistance with daily activities, grooming, mobility, and cooking, as well as others. Some of the best provide transportation to group outings, such as shopping and recreational activities. Larger Covington assisted living facilities often include a beauty salon, a snack bar, a dining area, and a group television room where games, exercise classes and movies are held.

They may also hold musical events and religious services.

Seniors who are in wheelchairs may like the handicapped provisions, since many assisted living facilities have full wheelchair access, wide hallways, and handicap-assisted bathrooms.

In many assisted living facilities, staff are required to be certified nurses aides. Larger facilities have a fully trained registered nurse on staff, and a visiting doctor. Some assisted living facilities also include a secured area for patients with Alzheimers.

What Are Nursing Homes?
Covington Nursing homes are group living facilities for seniors who need extended or continuous medical care. Seniors who are on life support, require the use of advanced medical equipment, or who are completely immobile or debilitated will usually be required to go to a nursing home rather than an assisted living. This is because assisted living facilities do not generally employ the nurses required for extended medical care.

Some Covington nursing homes are privately owned, but many are state-owned, because of the expenses involved. Many of these accept patients on Medicaid and other government- sponsored programs. Better nursing homes include many of the amenities provided by assisted living facilities, with the addition of deep-level medical care.

Continuing Care Facilities
Assisted living residences and nursing homes are grappling with the large number of elderly who develop Alzheimers. One of the problems that has developed is that many Alzheimers patients in later stages require extreme assistance and medical care. This requires them to be transferred to other facilities at a time when they can least cope with the change.

In response to this need, continuing care facilities have developed. They are large-scale facilities whose goal is to take a senior from their entry level medical condition straight through to their passing. When they require a deeper level of medical care, they switch rooms to another part of the same facility. The transition is much easier, because they are already familiar with the facility and the staff.

Covington assisted living facilities and nursing homes differ greatly on exactly what they offer, which is why it is important to check them out thoroughly before deciding on one.

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